Kinopolis Studio consists of its seven soundstages, which are located on the company’s grounds close to Saint-Petersburg city centre.  The exterior backlot with a clear natural horizon is located not far from the city.  All stages are soundproof and equipped with silent heating, highly power capacity and water supply, compressed air outlets and smoke extractors.   

  • Ceiling height 8 – 15 meters 
  • Special drainage systems in pavilions provide for shooting with plenty of water 
  • The walls are equipped with sound proof panels ekofon 
  • Overhead mechanical capability and hoists, designed by ARRI company
  • Catwalks, lifts, winch system
  • Double rolled back gate 
  • Air conditioning and smoke removal 
  • Inside water tank with water heating  
  • A covered corridor connecting the stage with auxiliary office space and make-up rooms 
  • Catering room with a space of 100 square meters.