North-West Federal District – Overview 

Most of the territory of North-West Federal District is located in the European north. The district has access to the Baltic, White, Barents, Kara seas and borders with Finland, Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Belarus.  

In the region there is a beautiful country of forests and pristine nature – Karelia. More than half of its territory is covered by taiga forests; the rest is a dense network of more than 60 thousand lakes and 27 thousand rivers. A wonderful landscape of blue lakes with crystal clear water, magnificent waterfalls and healing springs, hillocks and barren rock and dense virgin forests might attracts more and more visitors from the overpopulated regions of both Russia and Western Europe every year, giving them a great chance to enjoy virgin northern European nature. 


Saint-Petersburg is the beautiful, unique and historically significant city in Europe.  Palaces, museums, theaters, parks and beautiful suburbs made St. Petersburg a renowned piece of the world cultural heritage. The city is divided into numerous islands  and is often called “Northern Venice”, “Northern Palmira” and “City of White Nights”. 

St. Petersburg is a beautiful destination for film production. All locations most favored by filmmakers are in the historic center of the city, where it is possible to shoot practically everywhere after securing the proper certification from individual city district authorities.  



Wellcome to the largest country in the world! Russia constitutes one-seventh of the world’s landmass and spans seven time zones. This expansive area allows it to neighbor more countries than anywhere else on earth, as well as touch twenty-two bodies of water and hold twelve seas within its borders. Its vast and complicated array of landscapes has created a diverse blend of forty national parks alongside its forty UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. Here you can find the oldest mountains in the world, the Urals, and the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal. Travel from the tundra to the steppes, the desert to the glaciers, the valleys to the volcanoes without ever needing a new visa.

Because of its size, Russia presents a drastically different atmosphere depending on your location. Most of the country has a continental climate with distinct periods of warm and cold weather that increases as you travel east. Temperatures for Moscow and St. Petersburg range from highs of 32 C in the summer to lows of -25 C in the winter.