Kinopolis Studio provides video equipment rental services throughout Russia. 

We have a wide choice of our own cameras, lenses, lights, sound equipment, cranes etc. 

The prices depend on the amount of days and exact place where we need to supply required equipment.
Please send us a list of equipment needed on we will reply as soon as possible.

A list of equipment availible from our own warehouse:

Arri Alexa SXT
Arri Alexa LF
Arri Alexa mini
Cooke anamorphic
Cooke anamorphic 65 macro
Cooke anamorphic SF
Cooke zoom 35-140
Arri master anamorphic
Cooke s5
Arri Signature prime  (from February 2019)
Cooke s7 (from February 2019)
Freefly system Movi Pro
Easyrig Vario 5+Serene
DJI Ronin 2 Professional Combo
Arri Master Prime 14-135
Arri Ultra Prime 16-135
Arri Compact Prime 21-125
and more then 1000 other models we have. Just let us know what equipment you need,