We are an executive production company and provide full services for foreign customers. We can make your filming in Russia easy with organising logistic and take you around all of the country. Make your scouting before the crew come here, providing accommodations and catering. We supply you with fixers and production people. We optimise the budget of local shooting and of course, we will obtain your shooting permit and can negotiate all location fees and autorisations.

We work with:

  • Fixers, Producers, Directors, Administrators, Writers

We have a full production team with skilled people in all fields:

  • P.A.
  • Camera assistant
  • DOP
  • Gaffer
  • Gripman
  • Sound engineer
  • Boom guy
  • Runner
  • Locations….etc.

Also let us to inform you that due to the actual economic situation and the relatively low ruble rate shooting in Russia at the moment is cheap and profitable. Prices for all the services are very attractive as they much more cheaper than in Europe and Asian countries. Also, we can offer you special prices and benefits and for sure we will help you to refund all taxes.

For inquiry please provide next information:

1- Location ZONE

2- N° Days of shooting

3- N°days of prep

4- Team needed in Russia

5- Logistic needed in Russia

6- Executive production budget (in euros)

Our work is big dramas, full meter, fast moving TV-projects, and commercials.